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Thursday, November 15, 2018

HUGE Weekend Events - Don't Miss Anything!

Just a few important reminders about a very big weekend!
  1. Cyclebar Orphan Care Fundraiser -  Saturday, Nov 17, 11:15am
       7306 Yankee Road, Liberty Township, Ohio 45044

Cyclebar is a premium, indoor cycling facility.  We’ll be taking a one-hour ride, led by our very own Amber Clay.  It’s only $25 and 100% of the proceeds go to the PBF Orphan Care fund, helping bring orphans home to adoptive families at PBF.  

This is going to be a blast!  No exercise experience is required, which is good news for me because I’ve got no cardio!  Just click the link above to register.  Let’s ride! 

2. Orphan Sunday Message - Sunday, Nov 18, 9:00 & 10:45

The message on Sunday morning, from Hosea 14:1-3, will focus on our adoption by God through the atoning work of Christ.  If you have any unsaved friends or those who are adopted or have adopted, please invite them to church Sunday morning.  The message will take their experience of adoption and relate it to the gospel.  I know of at least one unsaved person in this category who will attend Sunday morning.  Please be praying for the gospel to bring spiritual orphans home! 

3. City Barbecue Orphan Care Fundraiser - Sunday, Nov 18, all day
    7706 Voice of America Centre Dr, West Chester, Ohio 45069

City Barbecue is donating 25% of all proceeds to the PBF Orphan Care fund.  This is an all-day fundraiser.  You can go there after church for lunch.  You can go for dinner just before the Orphan Care celebration that evening.  You can go for a snack after the Orphan Care celebration.  OR, if you’re like Aaron Harrison, you can go all three times.  The later you go in the day, the more likely you are to see Aaron passed out in a booth - barbecue coma!

Here’s the important detail - the funds are only donated to the Orphan Care fund if you take the appropriate barcode with you to the cashier when you pay.  We’ve passed these out in recent weeks.  They’ll be available again on Sunday morning.

4. PBF Orphan Care Ministry Celebration - Sunday, Nov 18, 5:30-7:00pm

This is our annual gathering to praise God for all that He has done and is doing at PBF to bring orphans home.  MUCH important information will be shared about upcoming events, including one major evangelistic opportunity taking place in the Spring.  We’ll hear from our adoptive families - those who have recently brought children home and those who are in the process.  

Since this ministry began, we've seen great things happen on Orphan Sunday.  Two years ago on Orphan Sunday, we heard how the Lord had moved the Odels to consider adoption.  That same year, the Joneses were moved to complete their paperwork for an international adoption.  One year later on Orphan Sunday, we had Odel adoptee #1 with us in the flesh, the Joneses heard that they had been approved for their international adoption, and the Watsons were moved to adopt a child.  As I write this, the Odels are preparing for #2, the Watsons’ adopted son is in their home, and the Joneses are meeting their adopted son for the first time TODAY.  Prior to this, we were blessed by the example of those we might call the pioneers - people like the Robsons and the Clays - so that we are seeing something like a culture of adoption take place at Providence.  All along the way, the Lord has moved others in the congregation to help in myriad ways, some of which we’ll hear about Sunday night.

The Lord has routinely chosen to change lives at PBF on Orphan Care Sunday.  We’ve come to expect it.  What will He do this year?  

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