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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Even Here

Certainly there are plenty of Christians being persecuted around the world but it is seldom that we find that same hostility in our own cities and neighborhoods. In Forest Park, Ohio, a suburb just south of where Providence meets, a church was riddled with bullet holes overnight. Police Officers responded to the scene after hearing multiple gunshots.

Officers arrested the suspect as he was leaving the church. When the suspect was asked why he shot into the church his response was, "I'm tired of people saying 'in Jesus name'". He disavows all religion and has a particular disdain for Christianity.

We should never forget to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ, all around the world, who face daily dangers because of their beliefs. And thank God, He has shown us mercy and protected us from harm. Let us not forget also to pray for this congregation and the person who holds such animosity in his heart.

You can find the story the local paper carried here.

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