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Monday, September 8, 2008

Evangelism and Church

The past two Sunday mornings Greg has preached on Paul's passion for evangelism and how that should impact our lives. The blog below offers further thought for you this week.

Over at The Sola Panel, Tony Payne asks the question, "Is church for evangelism?" . In his post he addresses the issue of evangelism and the focus of the christian assembly.

An interesting response by Ken Stewart, professor of theological studies at Covenant College, is worth pointing out..."Perfectly orthodox churches need to hear the gospel preached and to witness its power in transforming the curious and unbelieving. So many perfectly orthodox churches are 'starved' of the opportunity to observe people visibly responding to the gospel because that response is no longer sought. So, years pass into decades during which no one has been known to be effectually called under the preaching of the Word, because the preacher has not sought any such result."

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