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Monday, March 14, 2011

DeYoung's Review of "Love Wins"

When I learned that Rob Bell's new book - Love Wins - would be released at the end of this month, I decided that I would set aside the time necessary to read it and write a review of it for our people.  However, Kevin DeYoung today posted a review so thorough, insightful, and biblical that it would be terrible stewardship of my time to write one myself.  I highly recommend it.  DeYoung has done a great service to the church by dissecting this book and devoting himself to getting it done in such a timely manner.

Also, this Thursday at 2:30, Southern Seminary will be live streaming a round table discussion of the book.  Participants will be Albert Mohler, Russell Moore, Denny Burke, and Justin Taylor. 

1 comment:

dan.williamson said...

Thanks, Greg. If I can make some space Thursday afternoon, I would like to tune in. Dr. Mohler seems to clarify subjects like this as well as anyone.