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Monday, June 27, 2011

A Display of Our Own Sin

Justin Taylor recounts part of his interview with John Piper in 2005 about the sovereignty of God and the problem of suffering and evil. The excerpt is excellent and I highly recommend it to you. You can read it here.

Although the post deals with suffering and evil two quotes are particularly piercing.

"When Jesus died on the cross, you can come at that in one of two ways. You can say that not only was there Adam and Eve’s sin, which was so evil it brought down the entire universe, but there have been in every one of us ten thousand of those sins."

"I think instead of calling God into question, we should see them [suffering and evil] as evidences in our lives of the outrage of our sin and the horrific evil and repugnance of sin to a holy God. And God is displaying to us the outrage of our sin in the only way that we can see it, because we don’t get upset about our sinning. We only get upset about the hurt. How many of you lose sleep—well, some of you are good saints and you do—over your own fallenness? Most of us get bent out of shape about things that hurt our bodies, but it’s our sins that are the ultimate outrage."

Emphasis mine.

Posted by Rick Jones

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