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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Presidential Elections and Trusting God

In case you didn’t notice, it’s a presidential election year, which can be a trying time.  Since it seems that political campaigns are starting earlier and earlier, it’s probably time to retire the phrase “election season” and just go with “election epoch.”  There was a day when we could count on a good three and a half years of peace before experiencing campaign overload.  Not anymore.  If you have a TV, radio, computer, smartphone, or windshield, it is virtually impossible to not be overrun by campaign ads, private citizens’ opinions, talking heads, and headlines all declaring this to be “most consequential election in modern history.”  
Though the constant political news, polling data, and campaign strife can begin to wear on me, I’m thankful for presidential elections because they provide me with another occasion to rest in the sovereignty of God.  It cannot be denied that presidential elections are consequential.  History shows this.  But what we will never read in history books or the news is that every last vote cast serves the sovereign will of God, bringing about precisely what He has ordained.  And not only are the votes ordained, but the candidate that is elected has been chosen by God.  Romans 13:1 tells us that there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.
If we believe the Bible, we must believe that no one becomes a president or senator or governor or school board member apart from the foreordination of Almighty God.  We also know that God is forcing all things to work together to conform His followers into the image of His Son (Rom 8:28-30).  That is, all things, including this election, are contributing to my sanctification.  So whether “my” candidate wins or not, the results of the election, including the possible drastic change in the direction of the country, will be used by the Father to make me more like Jesus. 
Beyond that, we know that God is moving history toward the return of His Son to set up His earthly kingdom.  Undoubtedly, every election, whatever the outcome, contributes in some way to preparing the circumstances for Christ to come back.  There is hope and rest in that.  So, whenever I hear about the election being consequential, I should keep in mind that the most glorious consequence will be a stage set for Jesus to return.
A few weeks ago, Pastor Rick mentioned during the Sunday morning announcements about how the attendees of the political conventions treated the Presidential candidates like gods, worshiping them.  All too often, even believers place their hope in a political candidate rather than in God.  But as believers in Jesus Christ, even as we participate in the election process, we must worship God and trust Him alone with our future.  He is sovereign and is committed to bringing about our ultimate good and His ultimate glory.

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