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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Resources for thinking biblically about the homosexual marriage debate

In light of how prominently homosexual marriage is being discussed in the news media, on Facebook, on Twitter, and everywhere else, I thought it would be helpful to draw your attention to a few excellent resources on the issue.  Public opinion has changed so dramatically so quickly that we must be intentional about thinking biblically if we are going to avoid getting caught up in the winds of shifting morality.  The resources below helped to re-center my thoughts and resolve.  I hope you find them helpful, too.

Here's a video from Ravi Zacharias answering a question about homosexuality and Christianity. Pay close attention to how he frames his answer - sexuality is sacred, and to take it beyond God's clearly defined boundaries in any way is to sin against Him.

Here is an article by Kevin DeYoung regarding some of the more popular arguments for homosexual marriage.  Perhaps the most helpful part of the article is in the second half where he notes what will be required in order for Christians to be more persuasive in the culture.

There may be no one better at bringing a biblical worldview to bear on current events and issues than Dr. Albert Mohler.  In this article, he answers the question, "what is the true church to do regarding homosexual marriage?"

If you come across any other helpful resources on this issue, feel free to send them to me.

Posted by Greg Birdwell

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