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Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Inconsistency of the Worldview of Personal Autonomy, Part 2

In the last post, we considered one of the inconsistencies of the worldview of personal autonomy, particularly as it applies to transgenderism.  This worldview is internally inconsistent, that is, it is self-contradictory. 
A second way in which this worldview is inconsistent is in its application to the world.  It cannot be consistently applied to life.  Let’s be reminded that the worldview of personal autonomy holds that man has the capacity to decide for himself and pursue a course of action in his life, often regardless of any particular moral content.  There is no higher authority than self.  Again, we can use transgenderism as an example.  Personal autonomy, as applied to this issue, would say that the individual has the right to determine his or her gender identity, and society must relate to that individual according to the individual’s choice.  The politically correct consensus is that this should not be questioned.
Yet, an interesting story developed in the news last week regarding the head of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP.  This woman, Rachel Dolezal, assumed by those around her to be African American, admitted that she is biologically white, yet claims to “identify as black.”  She views herself as a black woman.  Were society to apply personal autonomy in this situation in the same way it does with gender, Dolezal would be affirmed in this identification and those questioning her identity would be shamed.  However, Dolezal has been widely vilified for her attempt to present herself as and live as a black woman.
Why the contradiction?  Why is personal autonomy championed in one sphere but not in another?  Because the worldview of personal autonomy does not cohere with reality.  The real world is one created by God and under His authority and subject to His laws, both moral and natural.  The worldview of personal autonomy denies this and as such is in conflict with reality.  For this reason, we should expect those who espouse personal autonomy, or any other errant worldview, to have trouble consistently applying it in God’s world.
The gender component of our identities is decided by God and is written into our genetic code.  At the cellular level, our gender is no more in question than our race or species.  This is reality.  The concept of transitioning from one gender to another should be as absurd to us as transitioning from one race to another or one species to another.  And while some, in the name of personal autonomy, have acclimated their minds to the validity of gender transition, they cannot overcome the absurdity of the concept of racial transition.  Because their worldview does not cohere with reality, they cannot consistently apply it to the world.  Thus, they champion gender transition while rejecting racial transition.
This discussion may seem extremely insensitive to those experiencing gender confusion.  To them, this is not merely a matter of logic and biology.  We need to recognize that their confusion is genuine.  We also need to realize that while the Christian worldview is portrayed as hateful and intolerant of those who identify themselves as transgender, the Christian worldview is actually the only worldview that can offer them true compassion and hope.  More on that next time.

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