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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Orphan Care Ministry Silent Auction!

It has been wonderful over the last few years to see the Lord increasing the number of families adopting at Providence Bible Fellowship.  There are numerous young lives who have been graced by loving adoptive parents – and we’ve had the pleasure of participating in various ways.  Right now we have two more families waiting for adoption placements that could come at any minute and another expecting a placement later in the year.

I’m so grateful for those who He has moved to start our Orphan Care Ministry.  One of the ways we are seeking to bless families interested in adopting is to help with funding.  As you know, the cost of adoption is astronomical.  A reasonable adoption can run $25,000, which is far more than most young families have lying around.  One difficulty we have is that those among us who are giving also have limited resources.  Others cannot give financially, but strongly desire to contribute in some capacity.  So we are looking for unique ways to continue to help without exhausting everyone’s ability to give.

We believe we’ve found one in our next big event to raise funds: a silent auction, concert, and light meal on Saturday, April 7, 4:00-6:30 at PBF.  The key is that we are depending upon our membership to invite people outside of the church both to donate items to be auctioned AND to attend the auction for the purpose of purchasing items.  Here are ways that anyone can help:

-       Donate items
-       Solicit businesses to donate items, gift cards, etc.
-       Invite friends, neighbors, co-workers to donate items
-       Invite anyone and everyone to the auction on Saturday, April 7, 4:00-6:30.
-       Pray that the Lord would bless the event by providing funds for adoption and by exposing our community to the gospel.

To avoid a flurry of activity at the last minute, we would like to have item donations dropped off at the church by March 16. 

To help get the word out and encourage donations/attendance, you can download a letter here, explaining the event.  And here is a donation form that any donor can use to help us know how to list the item for auction. 

Please put this event on your calendar and plan to help any way that you can!

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