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Friday, October 5, 2018

Free Money for the Orphan Care Ministry!

Our Orphan Care Ministry servants are on the lookout for ways to raise funds for adoption fees.  We have a new way to receive what amounts to FREE money for our Lifesong Adoption Fund.

Do you ever order anything from Amazon?  Well, Amazon will donate to your favorite charity a portion of every dollar you spend through Amazon Smile.  It's just like shopping at Amazon with all the same products and prices, but you simply shop at a different web address.  All you have to do is go to and choose "Providence Bible Fellowship" as your charity of choice.  Each quarter, the Amazon Smile Foundation will send the donations to the church.  These donations will be added to our Lifesong Adoption Fund to be used to support adoptions.  It doesn't add a single penny to any purchase you make!

We have our own unique link that will take you straight to a page with Providence as the default charity.  Click here to choose Providence Bible Fellowship as your preferred charity.

Keep in mind that in order for the purchase to count towards the funds donated to the Orphan Care ministry, you need to shop at the address as opposed to the normal address.  You don’t need a separate Amazon Smile account.  Just use your normal Amazon account and sign-in at the Smile address.

Here is a screenshot of my page from the normal website:

Here is my page from the website:

They function exactly the same, have all the same products and prices, and are almost identical, except, the top banner of the Amazon Smile page identifies itself in the upper lefthand corner and it shows the charity I have chosen:

Again, this is like free money.  Amazon makes the donation, not you.  Please help us raise support for adoption fees by directing your Amazon purchases through Amazon Smile!

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